Zen Bodi shown Jeunesse Global has what it takes to continue innovating in new markets

In the world of weight-loss systems and supplements, all too often, products are based around gimmicky claims and shaky promises that are not based in any scientific reality. It is, therefore, always welcome to see new entrants into the notoriously shady world of weight-loss systems who are willing to bring a measure of ethics and scientific rigor to the table.

Such is the case with Jeunesse Global, one of the most important health and nutrition companies in the world, and its newest product, the Zen 8 Project weight-loss system and the Zen Bodi weight-loss supplement.

The Zen 8 Project and its accompanying Zen Bodi supplement are scientifically derived and rigorously tested means of getting people on the right track, not just for losing weight but also for developing the long-term habits conducive to a total-health lifestyle. Specially formulated by nutrition experts working on Jeunesse Global’s payroll, Zen Bodi is a supplement that has been carefully designed to help people achieve the three pillars of the Zen 8 Project weight-loss protocol. These are the burning of fat, the building of muscle and the curbing of appetite.

While so many weight-loss systems promise miracle results by restricting this form of food or only engaging in that form of aerobic exercise, the Zen 8 Project lays out the fact bare. The truth is that the only way to lose weight is to expend more calories than one consumes. There are only two sides of this equation that can be manipulated, either through restricting the amont of calories taken in or increasing the number of calories expended throughout the week.

The Zen 8 Project helps people address both sides of that equation. Through building muscle, it is possible to sharply increase the number of calories that are expended. At the same time, because muscle tissue is far denser than fat, users will naturally become far more fit and firm. Zen Bodi helps with not only building muscle but also burning fat and curbing appetite. By building muscle while slowly restricting calories, it is possible to deliver a one-two punch to excess fat, causing that fat to naturally be consumed by the body as reserve energy.