Wine Guide for the Wine Lovers

Introduction to Traveling Vineyard

Everybody loves a taste of good wine. For all the wine lovers, Napa Valley is the place to be. Napa has the best lands to grow grapes for making wine. This is where traveling vineyard comes in. A home-based wine business. It has a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, which accommodates newcomers in Napa by guiding them in activities they can indulge in, apart from drinking wine. The activities may include; digging up the past at Napa Valley Historical Society, taking a stroll in the Napa Art Walk. Also taking a cooking class at Silverado Cooking School. Everybody loves a good rest and Auberge Spa is the place for it.

For the wine lovers, sign on the Traveling Vineyard. They give you an experience with wine as you sign up to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. As a guide, you become a wine taster for different clients. It could also prove to be an alternative source of income.

How the Traveling Vineyard Works

To be a traveling vineyard guide, does not require any previous experience. You also get a home-based business that can fit into your schedule. The Traveling Vineyard started in 20011. The company hires Wine Guides from all over and today they have 1,000 Wine Guides in over 40 states. To become a Wine Guide, you can join for just $174. When you reach $750 in the first 60 days, you get an electric wine opener. If you make $1,400 within the first 60 days, you will get a $50 rebate.

For every friend you sign up as a guide during your first 60 days, you will receive a $100 bonus when you both reach $750 in sales. Being a Wine Guide gives you the opportunity to introduce people to unique wine boutiques. The wine guides get to form a friendship with each other and their working time is flexible.

Final Note

Being a Travel wine guide gives you an opportunity not only to pursue your passion in wine but also a flexible work time best for your schedule.


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