Utilizing Big Data in Supply Chain Management through Edisoft

Many people find it difficult to grasp the concept of big data in different industries. That being said, bid data has been transforming the world in multiple ways. In a supply chain, bid data can be used to optimize different projects in companies. Making the projects more efficient, big data marks the onset of a new era that applies the powerful software to easily present data in different institutions. As a requirement, the performance of an institution or business is based on the key performance indicator.




Abbreviated as KPI, time performance was one of the leading indicators of excellent work. The management gauged a project’s input using quarterly reviews. Also, there was a review based on the carrier score. For ocean projects, time-performance was a key indicator. Other indicators for performance included scheduled departures for rail carriers. Motors carriers on the other side used service types to measure progress. Most companies did not refer to multi-mode shipments for performance indicator. The methods that were used to measure performance are hardly in the current market (About). This explains the transitioning performance in business and supply chain management.




From financial, physical as well as regulatory aspects of supply chain, the new dawn of advanced technology brings forth better ways of determining the overall performance of a project. Presently, the supply chain world is flocking with several projects to handle. Given the data involved in the projects, it is almost impossible to determine the progress and outcome. That is where big data comes in. Big data is here to ease the supply chain process. From planning, coordinating, improving responsiveness and replenishment, this must be one of the many tools that most supply chains must adopt for success. Big data makes it possible to go easily go through all information. From demand to supply, every organization would thrive in such arrangement.




Edisoft was established in 1995. The company’s vision is embedded on providing unmatched EDI solutions geared towards enabling small as well as medium sized firms to make an easy connection to general trade. Edisoft was focused on developing a high-tech product that integrates functionality combined with accounting. Edisoft works to produce reliable software systems for high productivity. For Edisoft, the customer is king.


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