U.S. Money Reserve Provides Superior Service Through Revamped Website

The U.S. Money Reserve has announced that it has a brand new website to show off its presence on the internet. The website is USMoneyReserve.com. The new website features an elegant design used to showcase how they are the leader in the precious metals industry. They also focus on customer service and how they are committed to giving the customers the best experience possible.

They are also committed to having a broad trust agreement with all of their customers. They have pictures of Philip N. Diehl who is the president as well as a new coin photo gallery. With the creation of the new site, they are hoping to show the benefit of owning government issued gold and precious metals and hope to increase people investing in these ventures.

Ryan Buchanan, the vice president of Brand and Creative stated that they have a fully responsive tool that allows them to create quality content and offer the best precious metals right through their website. Buchanan oversaw the redesign which will help make purchasing easier as well as help to educate consumers.

The online shop is providing live pricing on bullion and bars as well as offering PCGS certified coins. Customers can also sign up for a free gold information kit that will help them to decide whether or not they want to purchase gold, silver or coins.

This allows the U.S. Money Reserve to contact clients for purchasing assistance, secure offline transactions, special offline releases and one on one consultation.

They also offer a BuyBack Guarantee which is well known as one of the best return policies. If a customer is unhappy with a coin, they can return it for full market value within 30 days. They also have insured shipping which makes this a popular choice for customers.

What is the U.S. Money Reserve?

According to Crunchbase, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest government distributors of gold, silver and platinum that is government issued by the United States. It was founded in 2001 and is known as the largest private distributors of gold, silver and platinum.

U.S. Money Reserve has a uniquely trained team that helps in coin research and other research into the market.

Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/

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