Transport Experts Provide Traffic Solutions for Williamson County

In the past several Authority Executive discussions have been made around the Austin, but most of them mainly focused on the town, and not necessarily the transport challenges experienced in the area.

Recently a Summit was held in Williamson, majorly concentrating on the traffic issue. Renowned delegates attended, among them being Mike Heiligenstein, the Mobility Director serving the Central Texas Region.

Throughout their discussion they revolved around the effect of technology in the entire Austin area as well as globally. According to Mike, there are further milestones to work towards, like designing driverless cars, although the greater picture for Williamson should be restructuring the roads.

Gradual Steps to Implement so as to Realize Modern Day Transport Service

Even with mass transit, soon the idea will get nullified by the rapidly growing population around the area. A semi-permanent remedy for Williamson would lie in development of 12 traffic lanes. Mr. Johns of Uber also gave his input, and suggested about initiating subsidies to link up the rider and the transport organization.

Since for the last fifteen years the Austin area is said to have done well in structuring roads, a lot more needs to be done so as to continually take care of the populace.

Key Qualifications and Skills Held by Mike Heiligenstein

The Austin-based Regional Mobility Authority was launched in 2002 as a governmental agency. It was meant to serve as a primary tool through which multi-modal systems would be designed so as to meet the ever-rising needs in the transport sector.

Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director of the said agency and has seen it make significant milestones since its inception. Under his tenure, the organization realized success in their 183A project, completed in the Williamson County.

Currently they are also planning on pooling their resources with other relevant entities around the area so as to implement their plans. Some of the projects still cooking include building six thruways in the Central Texas. Mobility solutions require great minds, with informed knowledge on the subject.


Mike has continually impacted the transport sector since he has all it takes. He has a heart for innovation of more than just roads. Their dedication towards customizing tech solutions for various problems is unstoppable.

With the various partnerships, they are also working towards developing apps that will guide road users in avoiding causing unnecessary traffic on the busy roads. They may not have all the solutions yet, but at least they are tirelessly working towards achieving the best.

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