This May Be One of the Most Important Presidential Races in U.S. History


The economy isn’t in as good a state as it should be in the United States. The market collapse of 2007/2008 dealt everyone in the country a huge blow. Peoples trust in financial institutions is at an all time low. People are really looking for a leader to change the conditions plaguing their everyday lives. I strongly agree with points made by Brad Reifler in his article on the Huffington Post’s website, How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future This presidential race is one of the most important in American history. If the candidate chosen doesn’t turn the country around it may cause people to lose faith in the government. The masses losing faith in the government could be catastrophic. This lack of faith can lead to riots and civil unrest.


Both candidates will have their work cut out for them if they are chosen. There will be a lot of pressure on the next United States president to produce results in a timely manner. Both candidates are well aware of this and have tried their best to put voters at ease about the situation by explaining plans they think will affect the economy in a real way. It is up to voters to distinguish who’s plan is the best one to bet their livelihood on. Clinton or Trump is the question.


Clinton and Trump’s plans are both similar and very different. The two for the most part seem to agree on the issue of child care tax breaks.


On the other hand, they disagree on issues involving estate taxes and how to effectively simplify the tax code. Trump intends to repeal the estate tax entirely and increase revenue from taxes on capital gains. For Clinton’s plan, she wants to decrease minimum required for estate taxes, while raising the the maximum percent gained from this tax.


About Brad Reifler


Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur, as per Wikipedia, and hedge fund manager. He became the founder of Forefront Capital in 2009 and is the former founder of Pali Capital.  Bloomberg does a great job of covering the money that Brad has amassed over his career.


Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company, in 2000. he would later sell it to Refco, his grandfather’s company.

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    Reifler also worked as a star trader at Refco. Check out Bradley’s official website for more on this influential investor. They both want to provide more assistance to families by providing greater subsidies for increasing child-care costs. These are what rushmyessay had listed for them and I know it will benefit them.

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