The Functions of Investment Banks Such as Lustgarten, Owned by Martin Lustgarten

The banking industry is broad. Most people are conversant with the functions of commercial banks, which accept deposits. With the emergence of capital-intensive operations, there was need to have banks that specialize in these areas. Investment banks were then established to deal with financing and capital concerns.

One can differentiate between commercial banks and investment banks by the virtue that the latter does not accept deposits. Investment banks offer advice regarding mergers and acquisition besides FICC services. In addition, investment banks are active on derivative markets. Most investment bankers are experts in market making. Underwriting services and issuance of securities are part of the services offered by investment banks.

Major investment banks are public traded corporations. Investors can become shareholders of these banks by purchasing their shares through the stock exchange. Investment banks works with wealthy individuals, families, government agencies, institutional investors, individuals and directors of the bank. In order to excel in the field, investment bankers should have outstanding personal skills, the ability to observe and excellent research capabilities. They should also know how to assess risks and analyze the financial statement of different corporations in order to make informed and sound conclusions.


About Martin Lustgarten

Currently, Martin is the chief executive officer of Lustgarten Investment Bank, which is based in Florida. Over the years, Martin has been making well-calculated strategies that have seen him succeed in all his dealings. Martin has a unique personality in addition to his remarkable interpersonal skills. Often, he uses his social medial accounts to interact with his fans and clients. In the United States and beyond, he is regarded as a shrewd financial analyst given his comprehension of intricacies in the investment world.

Through his wit and intelligence, Martin’s company has received numerous accolades and awards. Lustgarten Investment Corporation has a stellar record of accomplishment. Over the years, the investment banker has maintained top-notch reputation for the firm. Martin played an instrumental role in solving the Venezuelan crisis. The country was almost collapsing. Because of the falling commodity prices and the energy crisis, the populace of the nation faced food shortages, banks lacked sufficient funds and there was no electricity. With other investment bankers, Martin saw the opportunity and capitalized on it.

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    They made huge returns by selling dollars, above their standard prices, to the Venezuelan banks. Martin applied similar strategies to other struggling countries like Singapore and France. It could be seen from the fact that essay writing services would want them to have a customized strategy for the struggle.

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