Taking services to the world; the endeavors of Innova healthcare

InnovaCare Health established shop in Puerto Rico a few years ago. This was after the top management realized that the country did not have any sensible form of managed healthcare services. Today, they are the top providers of Medicare to the country and they have a membership of close to quarter of a million families in the nation. As part of the company’s initiative to extend their reach outside the country, they have appointed new people to the top leadership.

Richard Shinto
Rick Shinto is the president and CEO at InnovaCare. He has been at the helm for the past four years and most of the developments that have led to the improvements in service delivery can be traced back to his strong leadership. Before he got the appointment to the current position, he was leading Aventa, Inc, which is also a Medicare Company. He has a vast experience in dealing with management of clinical healthcare services. Shinto graduated from the New York State University with a medical degree and is also an author. Most of the work he has written is aimed at helping the medical community improve their service delivery.

Penelope Kokkinides
She comes into the administrative unit of the company in the position of chief administrative officer. The experienced professional has been working in both Medicare and Medicaid programs rolled out by the federal government. Penelope Kokkinides is really passionate about the healthcare models that have the interests of the common man at heart. Penelope’s experiences include being the CEO at Centerlight Limited. She was also the Chief Operations officer with the Touchstone health group. She also spent a few years at the leadership of the United Health Group on businesswire.com.

The realization that communities in Puerto Rico had not heard about managed healthcare services presented a business opportunity and an opportunity to make changes to the leadership at InnovaCare. When they started out, the membership was limited. However, a few years into the service provision and the membership is heading towards quarter of a million. With close to 7500 providers of their services, it is safe to say that InnovaCare Health has made its presence loud in the country. The next frontier for the company is extending their services to reach a global scale. They believe this will happen when they enlist the right talent in the leadership posts.

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    All these are the experiences that will help her in her new post. She has been appointed to the position because the board feels she is the experience and change that is needed in the post. It is very necessary that I do my assignment and submit the experiences I had with it too to her.

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