Success Of Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall

Despite the economic crisis in Brazil, the shopping center segment had a growth of 6.5 percent in 2015. The Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers (Abrasce) released this information to the public. Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is one of the businesses that have been having high profitability margins year after year. The survey, which was conducted by Abrasce and Urban Studies Group (UEU), is great news for the sector, as it will inspire businessmen to develop innovative products and services. The study showed that Brazil has 538 shopping centers while 30 are under construction. This is an indication of their immense contribution to the Brazilian economy. More than 1 million people have secured jobs in shopping centers around the country. In 2015, close to 54,000 job vacancies were created in malls. Read more about the mall on

Manaira is among the five commercial centers in Paraiba, with the largest gross leasable area of 75,000 meters square. Rafaella Baros, the marketing manager of Manaira, said that other malls needed to come up with innovative strategies to woo more customers and create employment. She explained that Manaira has a multipurpose space that includes educational center, fitness center, and concert hall. In Paraiba, managers of commercial centers are optimistic that the industry will grow by 5 percent in 2016. According to the Trust of Shopping Mall Entrepreneurs, approximately 40 percent of businessmen believe that the industry will not be shaken by the economic crisis.

About Manaira Shopping Mall

Manaira shopping mall is one of Roberto Santiago’s ventures. The mall, which is located in Joao Pessoa, has embraced modern and well-architected designs. The 58 year old has profited from investing and exploiting opportunities in the region. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall was launched in 1989. Since then, more rooms have been constructed. Being one of the largest shopping centers in Paraiba, the center provides a unique experience of leisure, fun and entertainment.

The facility has 11 rooms for movies, which have modern and advanced display devices. In addition, there are VIP rooms, 3D rooms and stadium systems with armchairs arranged like bleachers to allow for greater visibility. The mall has electronic bowling slopes and over 200 game machines with different styles, tastes and age preferences. Manaira has modern eateries, which are prepared by the most qualified chefs. In addition, the mall has ballrooms, which are available for renting, and a concert hall. Manaira does not only offer great technology and contemporary lifestyle to the public, but also influences the economy and social development agendas of the region. For instance, the value of properties surrounding Manaira Shopping mall has appreciated. Additionally, various companies have opened up in the region. This way, they have spurred the economy of the region through creating employment opportunities.

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    Manaira is surrounded by the beaches of the north coast of Joao Pessoa. The mall has 280 stores. The facility is a testament that Roberto is one of the visionary entrepreneurs in the region. It would mean for sure that custom college papers is not likely and that is the only thing that some people know too about this situation.

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