SoftBank Group Acquires Fortress Investment Group

Over the past 20 years, Fortress investment group has transformed itself from a simple private equity firm to become one of the most significant players in the world of global investment management. The company was purchased by Softbank group in 2017 for $3.3 billion. Share values jumped by 39% above the closing price from the previous Monday, after this acquisition was made. Followed by an additional 6% gain on the Tuesday before the acquisition was announced.

Individuals who have long studied Softbank groups investment strategies were stunned when the acquisition was announced. However, it fits perfectly in line with Softbank groups president Masayoshi Son’s long-term plans to become a world leader in asset management. When asked what the motive for the acquisition was the company’s president stated it was aimed towards the company’s long-term growth potential. The company has allocated $100 billion in order to propel his company to the forefront of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of things as he believes that these will continue to grow in influence throughout the world, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

Alternative asset managers such as Fortress investment group have grown in popularity over the last few years due to their ability to maintain higher levels of fees and long-term commitments from investors who utilize their services. Through this acquisition soften group will gain access to a global network of investment professionals double allow it to better discover and implement deals. In addition, they gain a team of incredibly talented investment individuals to help build their own investment portfolios.

Fortress investment group was the first United States-based hedge fund manager that was publicly traded. In 2007 during their initial public offering greater than $600 million were raised. Although the company has been successful in recent years, they have also been suffering from negative financial effects left over from the financial crisis in 2008. Even so, there are many foreign investors who have taken an interest in United States-based asset management firms. In a move that has been aimed towards growing their long-term growth potential over the last several years, several foreign investment companies have purchased United States-based assets.

The company focuses its business strategy and four key areas: private equity, permanent capital vehicles, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. Through these, they have been able to develop several cash flow generating assets that have been able to develop significant returns in exchange for the level of risk taken on by investors. The company specializes in providing investment opportunities that minimize risks while maximizing potential gains. With strong foundations and industry-specific knowledge, the company has been able to make significantly profitable deals. All of their investments are asset-based which allows the company to bring significant levels of expertise to a diverse range of asset types. They also have a strong ability to manage corporate mergers and acquisitions which is allow them to structure financial deals and terms that are preferential for investors in the company. Overall the company has significant room for growth and look forward to the coming years, and contact them.