Siteline Cabinetry: Your Style Is Their Vision

Having begun in 1973 with a vision to help customers fulfill their own visions for home styles, there’s a portfolio of over 50,000 projects displaying the Siteline Cabinetry mindset. Project managers, designers and master craftsmen and craftswomen today make up the bulk of Siteline Cabinetry works.

Applying their years of experience, designing a lifestyle of preference for their clients is foremost on the Siteline landscape. In essence, honing their skills, talents and marketing ability for nearly 42 years, homeowners and apartment dwellers can rest assured that only the most imaginative designs have been added to their home style living desires.

Siteline is customer-driven. Diligent about assessing a client’s needs, this company goes all out in looking at both a general and overall overview of other factors as well as functionality. Some factors include a customer’s working budget, finding the right person to do the requested job, finalizing a style and layout for a specific room and choosing the right materials.

Now, let’s get into some of the current designs that prove the most popular among today’s homeowners and apartment dwellers as well.

Personal Signature Styles

Putting their own tastes, needs and preferences first, some homeowners add colors, styles and overall function best suited to their lifestyle.

Cleaner and More Subtle Designs

While not as “simple” as the Shaker Style, being more minimalist is all the going trend in some home designs. One plus is that these designs are also easier to clean–and keep clean. Shaker Influence In vogue for several years, the very plain Shaker style remains popular despite the many years that it’s been in use and on the market.

White, Gray and Natural Colors

White being the most dominant color over the years, today a dull gray or more neutral ivory/almond with clean lines has moved into the kitchen cabinetry landscape.

Functional Designs

“If it works for me, then I want it!” seems the mindset today in kitchen cabinet works. Having sufficient storage space and accessibility seem to be the determining points to consider.

High-Tech Options

For those digitally-minded techies, many cabinet styles today have added USB hubs and built-in charging stations.

Today, at Siteline Cabinetry, every design and style that can be conceived for a customer’s wants and needs is already or will be on a design board.

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