Rocketship Education and The Contribution It Gives To Augmenting The Country’s Educational Problems

Education today is such a tricky subject to discuss. Some say that education right now is experiencing a downfall, whereby most of the education students get are training them to be employees and not risk takers. Students get broken at an early age because the education they get is not making them more optimistic about their skills. They seem to be at an early age quite trained to be just employees, or what Nassim Taleb labeled as, slaves. To Nassim, employees are slaves, and the right kind of education for people should be addressing such problem. One of the non-profit groups today that address such issue in education is Rocketship Education.

Parents and Teachers Collaboration

To improve the education of children, Rocketship Education, a non-profit social advocacy group, is making sure that the charter schools they build are not only building more educational curriculums that suit the modern environment, but also connect the teachers with the parents of the students. Right now, there is more improvement in the kind of education that Rocketship confers because of such advocacy.

It is the hope of Rocketship Foundation to bridge the gap between the marginalized and the opportunities in early education that somehow get only to be given to the fortunate. The low-income families can now get the right education that they need with the help of the passionate volunteers from Rocketship. With the active support of stakeholders and companies for what Rocketship is doing, it is impressive that the collective force of volunteers can augment a significant problem in the way the quality education is divided across economic classes.

About Rocketship Education

The CEO and Co-founder of Rocketship Foundation, Preston Smith, believes that the power to build the future is rooted in early education. That said, Rocketship Education builds a network of charter schools so those that can’t afford a good quality education at an early age can get access to them.

With a collaborative effort between students and teachers, Rocketship Education can offer what is lacking in the government set-up today. Through partnerships with big executives of international companies, Rocketship Education can achieve something worth emulating by others.