No More Parent-Teacher Meetings, Thanks to ClassDojo App

ClassDojo is an app for classroom communication. For parents, teachers, and students, it is a connection and empowerment. The app allows them to send messages and share videos, and photos. ClassDojo helps them creating a positive culture with classroom and schools. They share the classroom experience and come up with big ideas at homes and in the classrooms. The idea is to give parents, students and teachers the power to make amazing classrooms. ClassDojo wants to transform education for every child in the world.

Sam Chaudhary founded ClassDojo in 2011 at San Francisco, California. There are twenty-five employees working for this startup. ClassDojo is not about having ideal classrooms where there are limited number of students in the class. However, it is about giving students, teachers, and parents the power to create the best classrooms. When people have easy ways to do good things, they do an amazing job.

For this venture, the tech company has already raised $21 million. They want to connect parents with teachers, so the activities of students and their behavioral and social development are monitored. According to Sam Chaudhary, he wanted to ground-up change so parents can guide their children at home and enhance their development and learn at school.

For teachers, ClassDojo is amazingly useful. They can use it to schedule activities that parents would also know. They can also send videos and photos of children to their parents showing how they are doing at school both in studies and other activities. Sam Chaudhary said that when he founded ClassDojo with his team, there were already different apps for testing, grading, and digital curriculum; however, there was no free app which was creating community and culture among students, teachers, and parents.

The next step of ClassDojo is to increase the number of parents and teachers to use this app. Sam Chaudhary and other founders do not plan to make money off of their user’s information. They also understand the importance of privacy when children are involved. However, they might go for the option of premium content and features for which parents will have to pay. ClassDojo has attracted investors like SignalFire, Reach Capital, and GSV. ClassDojo has successfully transformed from a tool to a communication platform.

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  1. Despite competition with other companies, 2 in 3 schools in America are actively using ClassDojo. The list includes both public and private schools. The majority of the teachers teach kindergarten to 8th grade. The only thing that can do is make sure they defend all that they can.

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