Michael Hagele strives to give quality services to his clients

Michael Hagele serves as an outside or general counsel for various companies where he offers consulting services, design and technology. Some of the companies he works with majors on research as well as development. Michael is also known to invest in technology companies, hotel and hospitality industries. He is also a founder of a number of restaurants and is believed to have funded many businesses.

Michael Hagele is a prominent businessman. He has vast skills and knowledge in various arms of business ranging from drafting a business plan, licensing, technology and closing business deals. He has developed business agreements for local and international companies.

The business expert got his B.A from the University of Iowa and a law degree from the University of California. Michael has gained his broad experience as he served in various companies including Fenwick & West LLP in the licensing department. He also worked as an in-house attorney and as a legal counselor for Venture Capital Companies. Visit Whitepages.com to learn more.

During an interview, Michael says that he decided to practice as an independent attorney so that he can offer affordable and quality services to his clients. He says that his experience made him realize that small firm can provide significant services to the clients at affordable rates.

His daily routine work rotates on handling issues from technology clients which are mostly general, counseling or intellectual property matters. Michael spends most of his evenings on the phone talking to business associates across the globe and discussing different business techniques.

Michael emphasizes on customer first policy. This is because he believes that as an attorney, a customer’s business or life lies squarely in his arms. As a result, Michael Hagele has earned himself an excellent reputation to all his clients and business associates.

Michael Hagele believes as an entrepreneur there is no giving up, he says that determination and perseverance are the main points to bringing business plans and ideas to life. The best outcomes are possible when one is thoroughly committed to their work. Lastly, Michael says that social media is an excellent platform for investors to grow their businesses as it presents an opportunity to connect with clients. Follow: https://twitter.com/Michael_Hagele_