MB2 Dental Takes The Guess Work Out Of The Office

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that partners with dentists and practice owners all over the country. They provide their affiliates with numerous services to help them run their practices without giving up their control of standards of care and patient care. The company is a community that allows dentists to focus on what is most important to them: providing their patients with top-notch care. Their mission is to provide their affiliates with services by a team of experts that can offer them experience, knowledge, and guidance to handle every non-clinical aspect of running a successful office. All of these services allow their affiliate offices to focus on their patients. MB2 Dental has over 70 affiliated locations across 6 states.



Founder, Dr. Chris Villanueva has work experience in the dental industry as an associate dentist, dentist trainer, practice owner and is now the CEO of one of the largest doctor-owned dental organizations in the entire country. His experience gives him an understanding of both the business side and provider side of the dental industry and he is passionate about helping his affiliated offices maintain the profession of dentistry. The Chief Operating Officer of the company, Justin Carrol, has experience as a private equity investor and an operations improvement consultant. Prior to his job at MB2 Dental, he was a Director at Highland Capital Management, where he managed around $19.5 billion in assets. President of MB2 Dental, Justin Puckett, has a unique blend of experience in public accounting, corporate law, and corporate finance. He holds knowledge that is absolutely necessary in the assistance of affiliated doctors and their capacities.



MB2 Dental provides a slew of services to their affiliated offices. Their human resources services focus on providing those offices with a work environment that promotes growth and development. They provide offices with human resources services like benefits, compensation, employee relations, payroll, compliance, labor relations, and safety and security. These services all work together to provide their affiliates with enhanced employee experience and sustainability. With their accounting and finance services, MB2 Dental establishes and administers accounting procedures. They also prepare and safekeep their affiliates administrative and financial records, tax returns and reports, and provide their affiliates with accountants. MB2 Dental also provides their affiliates with credentialing services that take all of the stress out of the process. They handle all the credentialing processes so that their affiliates are in accordance with every regulation and standard on the market.

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