Jorge Moll’s Passion for Assisting people has led to Him Becoming a Staple in the Medical Community

In recent years Jorge Moll has continued to be a staple in the medical community. Few medical professionals have made the impact he has in his native Brazil. Moll specializes in neurology as he holds an MD in Neuroscience. He received his education from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He originally was going to study in another field when he realized the need for research in neurology. After graduating from The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro he was still craving more knowledge. So he decided to attend Sao Paulo University where he received a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology.


Jorge Moll has had a passion for helping people lead better lives for as long as he can remember. He would later decide that pursuing a career in the medical field was the best way he could fulfill his desire to assist people.


This passion led to the birth of the D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). The institute has fostered research, education, and healthcare on a scale large unseen in the nation. Moll couldn’t be more prouder of his creation. For him the institute is a dream come true and something he’s long strived for. He also serves as the President of the Institute.


Moll loves to share ideas and collaborate with other talented and passionate individuals. He spends much of his time meeting scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs. He believes it is almost impossible to be highly successful without being inspired by others.


When asked about his many successes Moll often attributes them to his passion and belief he can positively impact lives. One of the best words of advice he can give is don’t be afraid of failure. Though he has a decorated history in the medical field he has failed numerous times. The key to overcome failure is to get back up again and learn from your mistakes. If you keep doing this you will eventually experience success.