John Goullet’s Leadership Enables Diversant to Dominate the IT Staffing Industry

John Goullet has achieved much success in the IT staffing industry through Diversant LLC. The executive leader is the principal of the staffing company where he has renders his services for the last six years.

In 1983, John Goullet graduated from the Philadelphia-based Ursinus College with a degree in computer science. After graduating, Goullet joined the job market. He started his IT career by working as an IT consultant. His employer would send him to different firms to solve their computer needs.

Over the years, John conducted his own research and began to notice a trend in the IT industry. He noted that many companies did not have well trained IT professionals. John knew that if he founded his IT staffing company, he would have a competitive edge in providing different companies with qualified and experienced IT experts. However, he did not have experience in the field. To this end, Goullet was forced to work for an IT staffing company to gain the necessary experience.

In 1994, he founded Info Technologies. The company focused on providing IT staffing services to different firms across the United States. Goullet decided to create an online platform to ensure that the company’s services are available to everyone regardless of their location. With the platform, job seekers could apply for various IT positions. Through Info Technologies, various companies were able to enjoy a vast pool of potential candidates to recruit.

Through his transformative leadership skills, Goullet managed to grow the company from a start-up to an industry leader valued at over $100 million. However, the entrepreneur’s dream to dominate the industry had not been fulfilled. In his efforts to reach many people, he merged his company with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. The merger saw the IT expert become the company’s principal and more information click here.

As the leader of Diversant LLC, Goullet has remained passionate about meeting the staffing challenges experienced in the IT industry. He continues to work hard to ensure that Diversant satisfies the needs of its partners, consultants, and customers. Its primary services are IT staff augmentation, direct-hire, and developing innovative diversity solutions. Under John Goullet’s leadership, the company has served many clients, including international corporations and resume him.