Joel Friant: The Habanero Shaker Creator

Many investors are successful, but only a few are willing to help others who are on their path to greatness. Joel Friant is, however, an exception and has been researching on why some individuals thrive in their businesses while others fail. To undersrtand this, we will have to go back a little on his history and know how he got here.

Joel Friant is the founder and the CEO of the Original Habanero Shaker. His love for the hot and notorious chilies is what led him to begin his business. He tasted his first Habanero Shaker through his friend in high school. Later in Jamaica, he had a chance to taste more varieties which made him love the Habanero more. He then realized that all the Habanero Shakers in the market lacked originality since they either had salt or other cheap chilies. He wanted people to enjoy the real Habanero, and that’s why he began his company.

In 2003, Joel Friant helped some friends acquire settlements which made him realize that he had passion in real estate. He engaged as a broker and later began his firm which was successful until the 2008 Financial Crisis occurred. During this time, he realized some businesses were stable while others struggled and closed down, he decided to research on what caused the difference. Since then, Joel Friant has been helping individuals to understand the entrepreneur world and help them achieve their goals.

Joel Friant says that having a typical day in his career has helped him in achieving his dreams. He avoids the temptation to start off with the easy tasks because this brings the temptation of procrastination. It is always essential to start your day with the difficult tasks when your mind is fresh.

Joel Friants’ behavior that makes him a successful investor is noting things down. He says that writing things down helps in emptying his mind giving room for new ideas to grow. Noting down his ideas also eliminates the possibility of having to strain the mind trying to remember the important details.

The one thing that he could change if he ever got a chance is realizing soon that success is all in our minds.