Jeremy L. Goldstein’s Passion for Helping Others

If you’re stressed out by trying to find an attorney, take a deep breath, help is here! The New York Bar Association has created a new attorney referral service online. The website replaces the older telephone referral service, as more people are preferring online communication. Being able to enter your information just once and being matched with an attorney who’d like to help is refreshing. Time and money are saved by not having to go to numerous meetings and having to repeat matters over and over. For just a $35 fee in most cases, you’ll have a staff member review the information and you’ll be referred to an attorney or someone else that can help. The service has been wildly popular compared to the older method, which was a bit more time-consuming and at times frustrating.


Jeremy L. Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC is a featured attorney high in the ranks. Having opened his own law firm after being a partner at another firm, he has the knowledge and expertise expected of a corporate attorney. His specialty areas are working with complex and sensitive information such as wage disputes or negotiating and corporate governance. He’s had experience with some of the largest corporations in North America and internationally as well.


Jeremy L. Goldstein also has a great educational background. His undergraduate and master’s degree(s) as well as a law degree show he’s well educated. Goldstein graduated from each institution with distinction and received his law degree from New York University’s School of Law. It’s surprising that someone with such a busy schedule is able to take on anything additional, but he makes time for giving back to the community. Serving in leadership roles for two charities shows that he’s not only dedicated to making money but spreading the wealth as well. Goldstein is a well accomplished and successful member of any community he’s a part of.


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