How Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Took Over The Bottled Water Industry

When Ryan Emmons visited the Waiakea Springs while on vacation in Hawaii several years ago, he was stricken by the uniqueness of the water. For one thing, the water source was completely sustainable thanks to high levels of local rainfall.

Additionally, the water experienced a unique filtration process as it flowed along enormous stretches of volcanic rock, picking up high levels of silica, potassium and other electrolytes along the way.

Now the CEO and founder of Waiakea Water, Emmons has watched his company grow an astonishing 5,000 percent in just three years. That’s pretty impressive for a bottled water company, especially when you take into consideration the backlash that the industry has experienced over the past few years due to environmental concerns.

Less than a decade ago, environmental scientists began to release studies that showed the devastating effects that the bottled water industry had on our planet. They noted that 60 million bottles of water were being consumed daily and that the plastic was clogging up landfills. Another controversy related to bottled water was that many of the industry’s giants were taking water from unsustainable sources.

However, Emmons turned the industry on its head by creating a completely socially responsible bottled water product. As stated earlier, the water itself is completely sustainable. Specialty Food found out that in order to protect the environment, he created a manufacturing process that led to Waiakea Water becoming the first bottled beverage to be certified carbon neutral. The material used to create the bottles is recyclable.

The company has a charitable initiative as well. Emmons teamed his brand up with Pump Aid, the organization that provides clean drinking water to impoverished regions across the world. Each time a consumer purchases 1 liter of Waiakea Water, Pump Aid donates 650 liters of clean drinking water to a village in need.

According to Organic Authority, it’s these kind of socially responsible initiatives that give Waiakea Water its edge over other bottled water brands. More than ever, consumers like to know that their purchases are benefiting the world around them in some way. Demand for Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic water is so high that Emmons is opening up a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii.

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