How Don Ressler Worked To Build His Career In Entrepreneurship

Building a successful career as an entrepreneur is something that calls for massive dedication and a great deal of investment. Many businesses in the online world that managed to emerge successful were inspired by unique ideas and aggressive marketing that the entrepreneurs engaged. In a market that is not dominated by one product, you can have many ideas to push through. Don Ressler thrived as an entrepreneur by investing in fields where many thought it would be difficult to emerge a winner.

He first put much of his time and money in, a business that offered the sale of fitness products through an online retail on  This would mean he banked on the future and his expectations were to build the company across more than one decade.

However, this seemed not possible at first since there were many challenges along the way that he had to overcome. Despite the struggles, the business managed to record success at at last and at this point his mind directed him to launch a different idea that would allow him to further explore his potential.

While transacting he also had an opportunity to interact with Adam Goldenberg, who expressed interest in partnering with Ressler. To try their partnership, they founded Alena Media on The company performed well as they offered marketing services to different businesses.

With the massive success they achieved with Alena Media, they thought they could perform better with a bigger idea, so in 2005 they handed the company over to News Corp to raise capital. The capital on Huffington Post they received went to launching Intelligent Beauty in 2008, a company that has to date remained a perfect provider of beauty products across different categories.

In 2010, Don Ressler and his friend Adam Goldenberg proceeded to a bigger mission that saw the launch of JustFab, a company that focuses on fashion products through a subscription system. JustFab is by far their most profitable business and this success came after several rounds of funding. In 2011, the company was issued with a loan of $33 million by Intermix Media to facilitate expansion and one year later, several venture capitals contributed $76 million to help JustFab to enter other markets like Germany and the UK.

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  1. In 2001, he met with the executives of Intermix Media and the purpose of the meeting was to hand over to them. Although the idea was great, at the time the business was launched few people knew about the internet. It has been found that can also make sure everything is working pretty well for these individuals which is likely something most people have been looking for.

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