Get an Expert View on Administrative Law with Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the prominent names in Brazil. He is a zealous lawyer with a passion for introducing new dimensions in the legal framework of the country. As a graduate of bachelor of law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, he packs a wealth of experience from working with many law firms for the past 11 years.

During his involvement with the firms, he has acquainted himself with various aspects of the law in different disciplines. Bruno Fagali is an Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. Also, he is a member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

His expertise in Administration Law led to him opening his firm, FAGALI advocacy. He specializes in several areas including Public and Anti-Corruption Law. Here, he does consultations, administrative contracts, bidding and regulatory law, public and civil actions among others.

He serves as a Corporate Integrity Manager with Nova/SB, which sometimes back the best promoting agencies in Brazil. Apart from running his law firm, Bruno Fagali offers consultation services for companies and many individuals looking for the contemporary law as well as compliance law.

In one of his articles concerning ethics in advertising agencies and the anti-corruption red flags, Bruno Fagali says that the compliance by advertising agencies brought about by the promulgation of the Anti-Corruption Law should emphasize red flags. He goes ahead and lists the red flags that should be focused on and concludes that risks that are associated with the Advertising Agencies are not many and that they are easy to tackle.

It all depends on the professionals dealing with the design and care should be taken while conducting surveys on the risks before suggesting or implementing the appropriate measures.

Bruno Fagali has also written several other pieces aimed at helping individuals understand better the aspects of the law. He spearheads a system that cleans up a system marred by several corruptions regarding the public funds. Based on the fact that the country has been experiencing some corruption scandals, his voice has, for a while attracted attention.

He has assisted some organizations looking to bring transparency to its operations through training and drives in ethical issues. Many in Brazil believe that through the content Fagali writes on his website, they can reap a lot of insightful information in an area that is often so complicated.

His content on legal matters also allows individuals to venture into business startups and ensure their success. This is substantial regarding the country’s growth. His advice to all clients is equal.