George Soros- The Philanthropist Sent to Save the World

George Soros is a notable name in the New York hedge fund industry. Soros is also renowned for his involvement in US politics. He has played a crucial role in toppling dictators in foreign nations. Soros is a billionaire who spends his money on philanthropy and political courses, among other things.

Soros and His Superiority Sentiments

Soros has likened himself to a god on many occasions. In a book he wrote in 1987, The Alchemy of Finance, Soros admitted that he always viewed himself as a god or economic reformer of some sorts. He also confessed to being in the same league with the likes of Einstein. He reiterated his sentiments in another book he wrote in 1991, Underwriting Democracy. In this publication, Soros declared that since childhood, he had harbored messianic fantasies. George Soros is an atheist who believes that he created everything.

Soros went on record saying that he shared many attributes with the Christian God, in an interview with The Independent. He said that like God he was invisible, and like God he was also benevolent. He also said that he tries to be all-seeing like God. Soros admitted to Michael Kaufman, his biographer, that his main goal was to be the world’s conscience through his charitable organization. According to Soros, it was during his youth that he realized that money influences all spheres of the world. After this realization, Soros was determined to make as much money as he could. When he succeeded in making money, his next stop was to address his social concerns. His main concern was social justice in America. Soros’s friend, Byron Wien, remarked that Soros thinks he has been anointed by God and as such has been tasked with solving insoluble problems. Read more on

About Soros

George Soros is a staunch supporter of refugees. In September, 2016, he announced that his foundation would give $500 million to companies founded by migrants and refugees from Europe. Soros has been known to reward organizations based on helping immigrants. In March, Soros gifted $3 million to a PAC whose mission is to rally Hispanics to vote.

He grew up in Hungary, at a time when the Nazi had occupied the region. Soros fled from Hungary and went to work as a waiter and railway porter in London, a job that helped him afford studies at the London School of Economics. In 1969, he went to New York and while here he set up a hedge fund with $12 million. The hedge fund was later called Quantum Fund Decades. Soros is still in the business of investment, a practice he engages in through his Soros Fund Management, an outfit that has been reported to manage assets worth $30 billion.

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