Eric Lefkofsky the Brain Behind Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky was born on 2nd September 1969. He is a renowned American entrepreneur and has founded many companies. He pursued Law at the University of Michigan but preferred not to join the Law industry. He has since achieved a lot of things and also impacted many people’s lives in a very special way.

Eric Lefkofsky has founded so many companies. They have also created thousands of jobs to people. Eric Lefkofsky together with his wife owns a charitable trust by name Lefkofsky Foundation that has also helped so many children around the globe to have access to education, health etc. He also funds so many organizations engaged in humanitarian activities and therefore he is deemed to be philanthropic at all times and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is the brain behind Tempus.He was a co-founder. Many people have succumbed to the deadly disease called cancer but Tempus have come to help control the spread through managed data collection. His wife, at a certain period in time, was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is when Eric realized the big gap in data collection in this field. There have never been better ways to streamline the information and make it effective to use. A lot of data from patients were being collected but had not been streamlined and therefore the idea behind Tempus came into play and learn more about Eric.

Tempus objective is to diversify and transform the methods through which cancer treatment and care are delivered. Despite numerous hurdles, Eric through Tempus has come up with ways in which patient’s data can be analyzed. Tempus has been able to streamline ways in which crucial information about cancer patients is stored and how it is later collected. Tempus has so far developed a software that involves natural language processing that recognizes optical characters. These text fields transform into structured data and are used to develop ways in which doctors advance cancer care and treatments.

In conclusion, the hero Eric Lefkofsky have helped so many people through the company Tempus that he co-founded. Through effective data maintenance and software, developments have made doctors get access to crucial information regarding their patients suffering from cancer. Tempus is still growing and still offering more solutions regarding cancer care and treatment.

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