Doe Deere’s Way to Start a Great Day

How you kick-start your morning goes a long way in determining the success of the rest of day and for Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, she is careful to start each day on a high note. Powered by her resilience in proving that cosmetics are a way of promoting freedom as well improving self-impression, Deere’s day starts at 8:30 am after nine hours of peaceful sleep.

Deere, a Russian-born and now a resident of Los Angeles enjoys kick-starting her day with a glass of water due to the dry weather of her current city. She endeavors to do a few stretches of her favorite ‘cat/camel’ after which she takes breakfast from her kitchen. She then thinks about the head by looking outside the window. This gives her the energy to start her day as the CEO of Lime Crime which entails guiding her team to ensure a smooth running of her brand’s department. Meetings are what mark her day where in some instances she stays until midnight when need be. Deere highly rates her team whom she considers as the team that makes things happen by trying and testing all products before they reach to her customers to ensure they are worthy. Moreover, she draws her key learning from listening to her team, her customers as well as critics that come along her way. Further, she admits being an Instagram lover where she keeps the app open throughout and also responds to emails all day after her morning rituals.

When asked about her makeup routine, Deere describes it as the most favorite part of her morning where it starts with a Murad moisturizer and then proceeds to apply foundation where she uses either ‘True Match Foundation’ or ‘Studio Fix’ product by MAC when she is going out. While doing her make-ups, Deere loves listening to her favorite music where she currently likes The Beatles. Further, she enjoys spending time with her two Persians cats in the morning by kissing them as she tells them how much she adores them.

Deere draws a lot of motivation from women who are visionary such as Kimberley Gordon, the brain behind Wildfox. She won’t stop until her audience proudly wears Lime Crime make-up unapologetically. The queen of colors hopes to bring a foundation make-up soon and market her product on social media. Moreover, her support for her fellow women and future entrepreneurs hers pushed to her to become more successful where she was recently named as one of Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs alongside other business legends such as Suze Orman.

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