Craft Beer Industry Continues to Grow in Canada

It’s football season down south which means that domestic beer sales are taking off, but north of the border, in Canada, a different kind of beer industry is booming. Popular in Canada and generating a huge revenue, breweries have taken notice of Canadians love affair with beer and have started to shift their focus to the craft industry, offering unique flavors without sacrificing the authenticity of the popular beverage.


Several Canadian breweries claimed victories at the 2017 US Open Beer Championship. Some of these breweries include Cameron’s Brewing, Lighthouse Brewing Company, and Welling Brewery just to name a few. Stouts, pale ales, cream ales, and beers with hints of fruit were among the many flavors offered at the championship from a variety of Canadian breweries that all took home wins.


Why is the craft beer industry in bloom in Canada? Well, it is likely due in part, to CEO and founder of Steamworks Brew Pub, Eli Gershkovitch ( Steamworks, aptly named for its steam-powered brewing capabilities was the only one of its kind in Canada at the time it was founded. A leader in the industry, Eli Gershkovitch wasn’t always a hop aficionado. He attended the University of Toronto and graduated with a law degree. Eli Gershkovitch is also a pilot. But it was 30 years ago when Gershkovitch caught the craft beer bug after tasting Belgian beer, different from anything he’d had, whilst traveling post-graduation.


Utilizing his experience in the legal field, he used that to challenge liquor license laws in Gastown and opened his brewery in the mid-90’s (GazetteDay). The selection at first was small, but over 20 years later, Eli Gershkovitch, has a full selection and competes in beer championships both in Canada and in the US. Not only does he compete, but he also brings home victories.


Eli Gershkovitch brewery was one of only a handful of breweries to take home multiple gold medals at the 2017 Canadian Beer Awards. Steamworks has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings in a small town in Canada. In addition to some of its original and newer brews it also offers entrees as sophisticated as its patrons and continues to grow both in the pub and some brews can be found in stores across Canada.


It was a trip to Europe that led to Gershkovitch’s pub, but a college in Canada has taken notice of the craft beer popularity. Niagara College now offers a post-secondary Brewmaster program generating graduates in the craft beer industry certified and able to continue the love affair.