Consider Beautiful Mansions for Your Wedding Photos

An often overlooked option when considering where to get wedding photos taken is the beautiful mansions located across America. These homes usually have immaculately cared for gardens and beautiful architecture.

Portland, Oregon

The French Renaissance-style Pittock Mansion built of Tenino sandstone is a gorgeous place to get wedding photos created. This home sits high on a bluff so photographers can capture the entire city of Portland as the backdrop. The grounds provide easy access to the Wildwood Trail giving couples even more possibilities.

New Point, Rhode Island

The English Manorial style home called Rough Point served as the home of Doris Duke. This property offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Unlike many mansions with their beautiful flower gardens, this one has an extremely large vegetable garden letting couples add an unexpected twist to their wedding photos.

Mansions often make beautiful backdrops for wedding photos regardless of their location. In order to capture your wedding photographs in the best light, make sure to work with the photographers from George Street Photos and Video.

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  1. Alexa Wayne | August 4, 2017 at 10:00 am |

    What benefit would it be if you have a wedding picture of which the backdrop is a mansion and you cannot afford it. Well will really have the effect that is needed in the end to have the best result. Even if the wedding photos are not in some select locations people want a happy life.

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