Cone Marshall Grows To Attain International Status In One Decade

Established in 1999, Cone Marshall is one of the leading law firms in New Zealand that have managed to maintain their presence in the market beyond just service delivery. They have also emerged as strong champions for the attainment of a strong society where every individual is given the rights inherent as described by the law. One of the areas the firm has come out strong is on tax laws and estate matters, a service that has seen the firm work with clients from across the world.

As their network of clients keeps growing, Cone Marshall has also invested in having the right professionals, who are tasked with handling different tasks each. The firm has especially laid emphasis on the need to enhance specialization on different topics so customers can enjoy a reliable service that is focused to helping them get solutions that are quick and reliable. Raising dependability and trust has been an issue of tweaking the leadership to have professionals whose grip of the law cannot be questioned.

Good leadership
Among the law firms that have dominated the New Zealand market, Cone Marshall stands out when it comes to leadership and selection of professionals to head different departments. The firm has concentrated on working with people who have had prior experience on a wide array of specialties and this is the reason they invited Karen Marshall in 2005 to join their team of professionals.

Karen brought to the company exceptional experience since she had prior to the appointment worked in different firms specifically touching on commercial litigation. Therefore, her input to the firm helped to enhance the quality of services in resolvingtax and estate litigation.

Accompanying her is Geoffrey Cone, a professional who has remained strong and focused to his career for over 20 years. Geoffrey has emerged as a reliable leader and his input to the firm has reinforced the advancement of fair practices and quality.

About Cone Marshall
Among established law firms within New Zealand, Cone Marshall has maintained a leading position in the industry for the great services they have been offering. Their service has seen more clients from different countries work with them in cases involving tax and estate problems. Through the leadership of Geoffrey and Karen, Cone Marshall has handled all cases brought before them professionally.

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  1. Due to its reputation, Cone Marshall has been assisting attorneys and family assistants as well as banks from different regions. It has really affected what some reviews had said about him.

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