Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Ethics Lawyer

Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the best lawyers in Brazil who is recognized for his integrity and professionalism. He has had a distinguished career and he continues to raise the standards for lawyers in Brazil. Bruno started studying for his law degree in 2004 at the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo, this was after he graduated from high school in 2002. He finished law school in 2009 before returning to Sao Paulo where he completed his Specialization in administrative law. He is currently pursuing his Masters in State Law the University of Sao Paulo. After finishing law school Bruno interned at several prominent law firms such as Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. He gathered enough experience and left to start his own law firm. He started his career by focusing on family law, domestic violence and consumer law before switching to his current specializations.

Bruno Fagali has specialized in Public and Anti-Corruption Law where he handles cases dealing with expropriation, civil actions, regulatory law, urban law, administrative contracts, administrative liability processes, administrative improbity actions and civil liability processes. His law firm Fagali advocacy focuses on electoral law, public law, compliance and anti-corruption.

Mr. Fagali is also in charge of implementing Corporate Integrity Programs in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. He helps corporate organization train their teams on the importance of corporate integrity. He been performing his Corporate Integrity duties for two years. Bruno Fagali’s strong skills have led to him working with international organizations such the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization.

Aside from his law commitments Bruno has an advertising agency that concentrates on public interest communication. His advertising firm helps organizations to deliver messages to the public that comply with ethics requirements. Additionally, Bruno Fagali is fluent in four languages Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.