Because Of Ignition Financial, I Now Have Two Cars With Low Payments

It’s a relief to know that a company like Ignition Financial exists and lives to help their customers. I honestly believed that most lenders didn’t care about their customers, especially if they were charging such high interest rates. Ignition Financial helped with the entire refinancing process of my car, and they made it so easy that I have recommended them to many other people. In fact, my mother has recently worked with Ignition Financial to refinance her car loan, and she’s been so excited about the low payments that she has now because she said she’s saving over $100 per month on her payments.


The biggest reason why I wanted to slash my payments is because I wanted to save up to try to buy another car, but I was already paying $350 each month for my current car. I had the car for over three years, and it never occurred to me to try to refinance the car because I was just so used to paying my regular payments. I first started the entire refinancing process online, which was a relief because my days are always very busy. Filling out the online application was very quick, and I heard from Ignition Financial soon after I filled out the application.


After sitting down with one of the professionals in their office, I was able to see what great potential there was for me to save a lot of money when I worked with one of the lenders that they had told me about. I chose a lender who had the lowest rates, which brought my payments down to just under $200 per month.


I was even able to get the same lender to finance a low-priced car for me, and now when I’m paying $350 per month, it’s covering two cars as opposed to just one car, which is great because I need both cars for the different things I do in my life. Within two more years I’ll be finished paying for both cars, and I have Ignition Financial to thank for that. Not only have they lowered my payments, but they’ve gotten me a second vehicle, which will help me to pursue the business ventures that I have in mind.


My second car is a van, which is great for moving things, so I’m using it for my catering business. Being able to have a car to drive to work and a van to drive for my business has helped me to make a lot more money, so I’m even starting to pay extra money each month on my loans. Even though Ignition Financial significantly reduced my payments, I feel there’s nothing wrong with paying more when I can to pay off my loans even quicker. I love how Ignition Financial has changed my life.


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  1. Jolie Apollo | May 13, 2017 at 1:09 pm |

    I was so surprised that I could’ve been paying so little for my car loan, but I’m still happy with the new rates because I will save $150 per month, which I’ll use towards my new car. There are definite instructions that has been able to examine for them in a long time.

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