A Step In The Life Of George Soros

There isn’t a field in charity that George Soros has avoided. It may not be apparent to you, but his work has likely affected your life at one point or another. This should make you think of how big of a person the man really is. I believe that in order to do so, we must also think of how small he once was.

When George put down his work in philanthropy, no one believed it. All that could be seen were the images of a small young kid unable to feed himself or his family. How could he possibly forget? The Soros name was created and didn’t come into fruition until George was well established in years.

He was an old man by the time his reputation preceded him. All of that is necessary to understand just how big a name like George Soros really is. At the age of 13, he was expelled from his own native country of Hungary. The cause of expulsion was Nazi occupation which threatened his life and that of many others. Visit projectsyndicate.com to know more about George.

What George did was find refuge in the United Kingdom. Just this small glimpse into the financial professional’s background shows us the nature of his current charity work. The level of charity that George works at is laden with controversy and rumors of the wealthy that use charity only as a means of escaping taxes.

But this is not George. The inner drive George Soros has is seen in a quick look into his own past. His childhood was lived independently. His money was made the same way. So when Mr. Soros donated money to help the Ferguson protests, it only made sense to those who understand the man apart from the image of his fund.

The controversy of the Ferguson case was one where many white Americans distanced themselves. They did so in order to remain intact with a hierarchy they, along with other wealthy persons, inhabit. So when Soros took it upon himself to deliver his highly needed support, the world at large saw the true heart of charity. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

So it made no sense whatsoever when Mr. Soros announced that he would end his philanthropy at his years advanced. The entire world filled with his supporters shouted, “I knew it!” When he returned with $25 million for the Hilary Clinton presidential campaign, the pieces came back together for good.