A Review and Testimonial About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV is a show that features consumer news, celebrity interviews, mobile app reviews, breaking news and public service announcements. The show is based in Washington, DC, and has offices in Fairfax, Virginia, New York City and Denver, Colorado. It began in March of 1990 and has had over 1300 episodes. It is aired on the AMC and ION TV networks during early morning hours, and can be seen on social media platforms like YouTube, which it started appearing on in 2012.

The company has received many positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, one of them being a company called Steel Series, which is a headphone business that’s headquartered in Denmark. The owners of the electronics company said that the NewsWatch team was very professional in how they handled their promotional campaign, and that they seemed to fully understand a client’s business and the specifics that are needed to create a successful marketing plan.

Steel Series used NewsWatch TV for the purpose of promoting their headphone line and their gaming controllers, and because of NewsWatch’s marketing skills, the company’s popularity and income increased greatly. They were said to be helpful and very knowledgeable about how a PR campaign really works. They took care of every aspect of the video marketing campaign from script creation to distribution.

The NewsWatch TV show runs for 30 minutes, and it provides the public with news on various subjects, including medical and technology. In May of 2012, the show started featuring a segment called AppWatch, which involves reviewing new mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. They’ve won several awards for their contributions to informational television programming, including a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award and a national 2017 Videographer Award for excellence in 30-minute entertainment programming. The popular news show also won a Silver Telly Award in 2016.

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