The Young, Energetic Leadership Influences the Policies of the American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects, also known as AIA, is an organization that became a crucial actor in shaping the architecture industry for the last several decades. The organization which began in the year 1857 as an association of architects in the United States started grabbing the attention of people around the globe with innovative thoughts in architecture and shaping new trends in the sector. The current leadership of the organization found to be young, energetic, and passionate to find better solutions for all the major issues of humans through smart architecture solutions. Especially, the current CEO of the group, Robert Ivy, is known for addressing the important political, environmental, and social issues affecting the building ecosystem.

Since he became the CEO of the organization, there is a sea of changes visible in the strategies of the organization. It became quick to respond to the trends visible in the industry and shape it to address the key issues of the communities. Professionalism became part of the entire industry due to active leadership of AIA. Also, people started looking at the architecture industry for solutions including non-communicable diseases. Robert Ivy was appointed as the CEO of the organization in the year 2011.

Ivy is an authoritative figure in architecture for quite long as he was the Editor in Chief of a leading architectural magazine called Architectural Record. He also served as the Editorial Director of another publication group called McGraw-Hill Construction. In the role, he took care of a number of publications that were in the design and construction ecosystem and ensured their quality and efficient management. Ivy also served as the managing partner of Dean/Dale as well as became the Principal to Ivy Architects. The inspirational leadership of Ivy helped him to win numerous accolades. He was the receiver of the Crane Award 2009, a premium recognition by the American Business Media referring his contributions to the architecture industry.

Even before being appointed as the CEO of AIA, he was taking a crucial role in shaping its policies as a board member of AIA. He is serving on the boards of AIA since the 1990s, and while he was joining the office of AIA in 2011, the organization had 206 employees and was managing an annual budget of $56 million. After assuming the role, Robert Ivy started focusing on the practice and design issues within the AIA. It was to improve the voice of AIA for giving a better understanding for the public regarding the value of design and architects.

For that purpose, the Institute worked by joining hands with more than 300 chapters across the nation and abroad to support the members of AIA. Today, AIA is an extremely influential organization in architecture world with more than 90,000 members in it. Ivy earned his Masters from Tulane University in Architecture before kick-starting his career.