The Open Society Foundation Receives $18B from George Soros to Fight ‘Trumpism’

Thanks to a massive $18 billion donation, the Open Society Foundation joined the élite top five most powerful charity organizations. The generous contribution came from the foundation’s founder and chairman, George Soros. Soros’s act goes down in history books as the largest private wealth transfer to a charitable organization.

According to the New York Times, the $18B deal had secretly been in the pipeline for several years prior to the grand announcement in October 2017. The behemoth transfer signifies a reawakening in the social, civil and human rights advocacy by the Open Society Foundation. Most of the foundation’s focus is on addressing the wanton disregard of human freedoms and immigrant rights of persons living in America by the incumbent political administration. Soros’s fund has in recent years scaled up its involvement in pushing for reforms in the LGBT community, as well.

It has taken George Soros a whopping 30+ years to make OSF one of the most influential activist’s group. The foundation has a firm presence in well over 120 nations, as of 2017.


Notable Achievements by OSF

In 2014, OSF was on the frontline towards finding a cure to the Ebola menace that was taking an onslaught in Africa. The organization has played a significant role in highlighting the plight of the Roma people in today’s world. 2016 will go down in history as a terrible year for George Soros and Inc. that was the year that saw Soros’s archrival and antagonist, Donald Trump ascent into the highest office in the land. Soros vehemently detested the message that Donald Trump preached during his campaigns, and read full article.


Soros is here to Stay

Trump, according to Soros, was a vile person who had little, if any, tolerance to outsiders. Such intolerant attitude was one of the prime reasons Soros started OSF to begin with. Since the mid-eighties, OSF has on average received $1B from Soros. The lead editor of the Chronicle for Philanthropy, Stacy Palmer believes that the $18B donation will make sure George Soros stays in the media debates and political limelight for decades to come.

Soros is many things to different people. To the staunch conservatives, he’s a diabolical entity whose sole interest is to bring down democratically elected governments, if they don’t subscribe to his mantra and philosophies. To other people like the CEO of the National Philanthropic Trust, Eileen Heisman, Soros has no ulterior motives, but to spread the message of equality and rights for all.


Protesting Trump’s Influence

Patrick Gaspard, the incoming president of OSF, confirmed the rumors that the foundation was scaling up its operations in an attempt to reign in on the negative influence perpetuated by President Donald Trump.


George Soros’s Bio

Soros’s life story reads like a fictional best-seller. As a lad, Soros faced the unthinkable while growing up in the dark days of the Nazis. His home in Budapest, Hungary was right on the marching path of the evil Nazis. The family had little option but to flee to England. There, George Soros got an acceptance to study economics at the prestigious London School of Economics. Soros later moved his hedge fund management trade to Wall St. today, at 87, Soros remains a top-tier hedge fund investor with career earnings well into the tens of billions, George Soros’s lacrosse camp.