The Leadership of InnovaCare Health Thrives Under the Expertise of Rick Shinto

The advent of managed healthcare has propelled the growth of a group of healthcare activities intended to cut down the healthcare costs of catering to patients alongside improving healthcare quality. Moreover, it has increasingly become an inherently exclusive system for offering clients high-quality healthcare. With that said, InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare services provider for managed healthcare. Moreover, the organization has a team of experts that provide highly standardized healthcare services with the intention to deliver to the community unbiased and affordable healthcare plans.


The Management of InnovaCare Health

The leadership of InnovaCare Health consists of highly qualified experts with registered records of helping in the healthcare system and organizations. Moreover, these teams effectively meet the growing demands of the industry. Besides leveraging corporate and administrative services, the management offers operational expertise. Therefore, prospective consumers can be sure of the value-added business model that the company has adapted.


Rick Shinto

Like any other organization that thrives on leadership, InnovaCare Health has a team of leaders that facilitate its operations. One of these leaders is Rick Shinto who joined the company as the chief executive officer. However, before he joined the company, he was well-versed with the services provided in the healthcare system thanks to his past experiences. For starters, Shinto worked at Aveta Inc as the chief executive officer. Additionally, he served as the head cheerleader of NAMM in California. Nevertheless, before he joined NAMM, he served at Medical Pathways Management where he was trusted to handle the company as the vice president for corporate affairs. Thereafter, he served as the chief medical officer of cal Optima Health Plan. Currently, he spearheads the general management of the company while overseeing financial planning and resources allocation at InnovaCare Health. Moreover, he applies lessons from his experiences in streamlining the management of the firm.


Penelope Kokkinides

Similarly, Penelope Kokkinides is an outstanding leader in the healthcare sector that recently joined InnovaCare Health. However, before she was elected to serve, she majored in various healthcare services provision units. For starters, she worked for Centerlight HealthCare and served as the chief operating officer who oversaw the streamlining of the general healthcare system alongside providing strategic direction for managed care units. Other than that, she worked for UnitedHealth Group and AmeriChoice where she served as a lead executive correspondingly. As of now, she is in charge of InnovaCare Health’s infrastructure.


The General Observation

From the look at how InnovaCare Health is endowed with highly experienced leaders, it is evident that the organization is set on the right path in providing managed healthcare.