The Facts about American Institute of Architects

The leading professional membership organization for licensed architects is American Institute of Architects (AIA). The institute has its headquarters located in Washington, DC, with a capacity of about 200 workers and 300 local chapters. The members of AIA are served through community, information, and advocacy, so as they can achieve their goal. The CEO and executive vice president of American Institutes of Architects are Robert Ivy. Ivy is the warm, wise and soft-spoken man. The focus of the institute is design, building, and construction of industries; even though Robert urges architects to think beyond their career.

The AIA works to build more valuable, healthy, sustainable and secure buildings, communities and neighborhood. The AIA campaigns for public programs that improve economic sector and the well-being of the public. It is members observes the code of ethics and conducts to promote the highest standard of professionalism. The members also receive the necessary tools and resources to enhance their careers and business and engage themselves in civic and the government leadership, to come up with ways of solving the problems that our society and institutions encounter.

The government of New York State primarily focuses on affairs of American Institute of Architects, to provide numerous benefits and services to its members. The government also host Excelsior Awards for projects with the public funding globally. The government also supports annual conference help offers programs of leadership development and professional, sharing of work experience and developing friendships among the architects.

The AIA offers its members with a continuing education credit. Since the members have the working license, they provide different courses annually to help the member preserve the license. The permit also benefits the safety, health and general welfare of the public. The institute believes in the value of architecture and provides the architects with the equipment to drive a positive change via the power of design.

The inspection of AIA in New York State has brought progress in courtesy of profession and architects. The members are impressed by legislative successes, alliances with other organizations that the AIA provides annually. The leadership of AIANYS increases services that are offered and supervise the professions statutory requirements are achieved while improving the business. The staff of AIA commits themselves to guard and uphold the long tradition of services and satisfaction to their architects, community, and profession.

Finally, American Institute of architects surveys markets and gives a comprehensive report of economic aspects, that influence the field of architecture, and recommends the possible solution of negative factors.