Securus technologies is the prison technology company that provides inmate communications. It works by putting up cell phone networks to a system that acts like a cell tower and control what calls or text messages go out. Since inmates have made cell phones a weapon to commit crimes while still behind bars. Their headquarters are located in Texas, United States of America.

Ex-corrections investigation officer, Robert Johnson knows the damage inmates from behind bars can cause to the community in general. He has been a victim of these crimes when he was attacked and shot in his home and almost lost his life in the process of healing. There were other several cases where prisoners made orders for killings while still behind bars, and this is what attributed Johnson to believe that only a technological measure of blocking calls from being made would help end the crimes. He then became a consultant for Securus Technology which is being used by Florida.

The primary mission of Securus Technologies is to serve and connect the world and make sure that it is safe and is helping some law enforcement and corrections agencies. It has been able to provide services such as monitoring, corrections, investigations and also public safety solutions. By managing computer aided dispatches, ticketing records look up and records management systems, Securus Technologies can control automated inmate information.

Through communications management, Securus Technologies can observe jail management video visitation and also inmate self-services. It helps users to list phone numbers that they can receive calls.

With this type of solutions that Securus Technologies provide, they have been ranked as a leading supplier of crime security technology. These securities have come to be of aid to inmates, their friends and family members, to the law enforcement and the society as a whole.