Ryan Seacrest Has Been A National Icon Since American Idol

Ryan Seacrest founded his organization back in 2010 which has been actively helping children all over the country for almost a decade now thanks to his support as well as the support of hundreds of others who work at the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. Many different celebrities and professionals from different industries have come to speak to children and provide them with entertainment through Ryan’s organization as well. In 2012, Ryan selected Selena Gomez as the foundation’s ambassador due to all her efforts in philanthropy and how much she cares about the children she can help through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

The fact that Ryan Seacrest even has time for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation itself is amazing when considering all the jobs that he currently takes on in his normal life. Unlike most other people out there, Ryan Seacrest takes on several different jobs on a regular basis and has been doing so since he entered Hollywood back in the 1990’s. Not only does he run his own production studio, clothing line, and talk show, but he has hosted many different shows over the years and still hosts several today. Ryan Seacrest has run the red carpet for many years, getting the latest info on celebrities as well. It seems that everywhere one looks, Ryan Seacrest is on the scene or knows about it in some way. This is precisely what has allowed his reputation to grow to such a great extent over the past couple of decades. Often, Ryan Seacrest is more famous than the people he interviews.

Ryan Seacrest hit a home run when he landed a hosting job on American Idol, which gained him national acclaim and even earned him a resigning contract with the production company for 45 million dollars. There are no plans for Mr. Seacrest to slow down when it comes to his work in radio and television and there is much more coming in the future. Check out Ryan Seacrest on Forbes or YouTube for his latest news as well as ryanseacrestfoundation.org to see what his charity is all about.

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