Rick Smith – The pillar in the Success of Securus

For the few people who have rubbed shoulders with correctional facilities that have embraced technology, the will testify for the iconic devices that used. Securus Technologies have been working hard trying to create safer prison through research and innovation. Though the prison would be the last place anyone would want to go to, the company’s object is it ensure if anyone ever finds himself/herself there security cannot be a bother.

The improvements we have in our correctional facilities is as a result of dedication and hard work Securus Technologies lead by an awesome CEO, Rick Smith. In the year 2008 July, Rick Smith took over the Securus with a goal of setting the pace for not only ranking the company top in the stock market but also have an impact of purpose on the society. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on glassdoor.com.

The management and leadership skills portrayed by Rick were not just given. He has spent a considerable amount of time trying to gain the skills, through education, being tenacious to detail and learning from his predecessors. Those who have known him showed their confidence in him when he took the job at Securus Technologies.

Smith had an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, before joining the State University of New York for a degree in engineering. To make him the right man for business, he joined the University of Rochester for an MBA.

In putting his skill to work, Rick Smith Securus has left marks in the hearts of many companies through his excellent work. Global Crossing North America is one of the companies that will always remember him for his work as the Information Controller and Chief Information officer from 1972 to 1998. Midwest Telephone Operations is the other lucky company that enjoyed his services in several departments.

Rick’s office is in Texas Dallas at the companies headquarter where he performs the magic. For a company like Securus, the data have to be quantitative for growth to be measured. Smith has not failed in this. His arrival at the company has seen the customer base grow immensely. Currently, the business is serving 26,000 correctional facilities which are helping over 1,000,000 prisoners. This improvement has been made possible by an approach that focuses on both technology and human resources. Rick ensure they do not only stand out with a world-class technology but also keep his employees motivated.

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Success did not just come naturally for Rick; he had his fair share of challenges. When he took over the company, there was high competition. As a reaction, he ensures that his products are reliable, efficient, and any complaint are attended to instantly. His trained field agents have been instrumental in providing the satisfaction of the customers. Setting up a call center for his customers and high tech servers have made the technology stand out.

For Rick Smith, he can only define success when he overcomes a challenge. He has been able to bring up the company and maintain it at the top, though hard work and dedication. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.