Paul Mampilly Speaks About The Secrets To His Investment Career

A good business career is defined by the total effort that one puts to realize a particular investment goal. Paul Mampilly, an American investor understands this so well. He has served as a hedge fund market manager and has a number of business awards under his name. One distinguishing award in his portfolio is the coveted Templeton Foundation Investment Award. Paul possesses over two and a half decades of experience in financial management and investment.

Here is what to learn from Paul’s inspiring financial career.

1. Experience Comes with Exposure

On a professional angle, Paul Mampilly has worked in a number of financial organizations. The corporations gave him the experience muscles to enhance his inspiring work portfolio. After moving from India at a young age, Paul began his financial business career at Deutsche Bank. This was back in 1991, where he managed accounts for high-profile individuals and brands such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. He also worked in a number of corporations such as Kinetics, Sarepta, and Netflix. These exposures enabled Paul to become the wise financial expert he is today.

2. The Importance of Wise Investment

When Sarepta Therapeutics came knocking, Paul realized the investment opportunity attached to the pharmaceutical brand. He bought shares at the brand, and years later, Paul sold his stakes for an estimated gain of over 2000%. He didn’t stop here but took an investment plan at Netflix. He was able to see a substantial market growth at Netflix as his shares improved maximally.

3. The Advantages of Market Analysis

As a futurist, Paul is known to examine the market and make projections about the future expectations in regard to the sector. His strong qualities are market analysis and investment advice. Wherever he goes, Paul Mampilly implants investment ideas into the minds of his business subscribers. He is able to tell them when to buy stakes and when to sell.


Though retired from active management at 42, Paul is still in close contact with the investments links. At the moment, he is involved in Extreme Fortune and Profits Unlimited, Brands that he founded. He is also expected to deliver a new research service known as True Momentum by the end of 2017.

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