Omar Boraie: The Chemistry Of Success

Omar Boraie is a real estate-focused businessman and philanthropist from Egypt. A trained chemist, he came to the U.S. in 1970 to get his doctorate degree. It was here, however, that he discovered real estate.

Once he realized he could get rich from real estate, he never went back to chemistry. He now works with three of his children in what is reportedly the most successful commercial real estate development businesses in the area. Boraie and his firm have built more than a million square feet of commercial and residential projects.

Most of them are located in close to New Brunswick. His company, Boraie Development, LLC is said to be one of the more well-known real estate development companies in the Atlantic City and New Brunswick area. Boraie has turned his company, the Boraie Development real estate company, into something different.

Boraie has a commitment to putting a significant amount of his company’s own funds and dedication to every single project. Some sources seem to feel that this is unusual for someone in the real estate industry. Normally, they say, real estate developers is to utilize monies from outside investors and banking interests. In the case of Boraie and his business, a significant amount of money always comes from their company coffers.

A successful track record of over 30 years has made Boraie Development on of the most in-demand developers in New Jersey, in a report by NJBiz. A key factor in the firm’s success has been that a hands-on management of the properties after they are built is a very important aspect of the company’s overall strategy. The property management details are carried out by Boraie in a great amount of detail to ensure that the properties live up to their billing and that the project is successful for years to come.

According to Patch, the overall success of the Boraie company is also partially credited to their marketing and sales division. More than $150 million in residential and commercial real estate on their official website ( has been sold over the years since the company’s’ inception. There is a noteworthy amount of cooperation and collaboration between the sales division and the development and property management sections of the company.

Apparently, Boraie believes that it is important that all of the areas of the business work together. This way, all the different department are all united in moving in the same direction at any given time. Omar Boraie has a purpose.

Boraie is moving his development company in a specific direction. His company specializes in the acquisition and the development of inner-city and urban properties. To that end, his company seeks out and purchases all types of properties and the developed into properties that can be of use to any growing inner-city populace.

Boraie has long since lost his interest in working as a chemist. On the other hand, some say that despite his success in real estate, he has done a lot of good in New Jersey and don’t question the reasons behind his change in career goals.

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