Malcolm Casselle WAX and Gaming

The current state of gaming in 2018 is light years ahead of where it was in the early 90’s. Not only are the games and systems high tech and realistic, the next plateau has finally been reached with in game transactions. First introduced in the early 2000’s, it is definitely the norm now as many utilize this option to pay for play as they call it. You can now purchase games, updates, skins, upgrades in game, and much more using your debit card and now WAX, and Malcolm CasSelle’s lacrosse camp.

Malcolm Casselle is the President of WAX or Worldwide Asset Exchange. It has grown under his leadership and is currently the number one option when it comes to buying and selling in game. Mr. Casselle rose in the ranks as he has always been an innovator, currently WAX is where he uses his vast knowledge to guide the company to positive growth. He holds degrees from MIT as well as Stanford University in computer science.

In 1995 Malcolm co-founded media production website NetNoir and shortly thereafter he was a director of telco service provider Pacific Century CyberWorks. Continuing his career growth, he then served as director for Capital Union Investments followed by leadership positions at Groupon, Xfire, MediaPass, Timeline Labs, SeaChange, and currently WAX.

Using blockchain technology WAX has what are called WAX tokens and these can be used on anything from in-game downloads and purchases, even traded in and exchanged for cryptocurrency. It allows for millions of users to create their own virtual stores for a variety of applications on a secure trusted platform. In a nutshell, it is the digital age of a new breed of online entrepreneurs, and his Website.

WAX is backed by Malcolm Casselle and he has full confidence in the new industry and also where gaming will go utilizing this asset. Gaming is a billion plus per year business, and the range of gamers has become broader than ever before. There is a bright future for companies like WAX, and no chance of their growth slowing down anytime soon, and