Jim Toner And His Success In The Real Estate Industry

Jim Toner has been in the real estate industry for over two decades. Besides being an investor, he has also hosted several radio shows and written numerous books. He is acclaimed for the intelligent real estate concept and has been in different parts of the country to speak about it. His services are highly demanded because he advocates for a real estate investment that is friendly to the public. People pay high fees and travel from different parts of the country to attend his investments programs. As an accomplished investor, he has mentored thousands while his ideas have significantly influenced the industry. Toner is a renowned philanthropist having been involved in numerous charities especially with veterans and the homeless.

How he makes his days productive

He starts his day at 5:30 am and spends few minutes to clear his mind. He goes through a series of preparations that involves going to the gym and listening to podcasts or books on tapes. He believes that the morning preparation is essential in making the body and the mind ready for the day. The rest of the day involves tackling various errands such as overseeing operations of his business.

Bringing ideas to life

Jim Toner indicates that people waste time holding an idea only for it to fade away. Others fail to implement ideas worrying that they might not be viable. He advises people to clarify and conceptualize their ideas as paths that lead to a certain direction. Although not all ideas work, giving up should not be the option.

Advice to the younger generation

Everybody faces challenges although some people are caught in their problems making them feel isolated. Although he has amassed success in his life, he admits to having faced challenges that almost crumbled his business. He has also interacted with both the rich and the poor and concludes that everybody is faced with different challenges. Troubles and challenges spare no one and the best way to face them is to hold on.

The culture of reading

Toner commented that people spend a lot of time in a mind that is empty. Reading is a way of replenishing the head by learning from others. He contemplated that most successful people he knows read for instance his mentor has always said that reading makes a difference in people.

The winning strategy

Learning from others has been the secret strategy that helped him grow his businesses. According to Toner, no one can be the expert on everything. However, associating with different people helps in gaining knowledge in different spheres of life. Giving is a business strategy that has been used by world’s wealthiest such as Rockefeller and is very easy to implement. It involves putting aside ten percent of every dollar earned and giving out to benefit someone else like a homeless person on the street. Whatever is given out in good heart surely comes back in folds.

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