Jed McCaleb See’s The Future of Blockchain Technology

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of the company Stellar, which aims to put a new blockchain technology on the map that could change cryptocurrency markets for the better in the near future. Jed is not only one of the biggest names in the crypto market due to his stakes in various cryptocurrency organizations, but he has founded several companies and managed many more over the course of his career. Jed,’s company, Stellar, will transform cryptocurrency into being a safe and reliable form of payments that are able to cross borders with ease.

Ideally, Stellar will iron out many of the kinks that still exist with cryptocurrency, since it is still in its infancy. Instead of waiting for transaction times, Stellar will allow transactions to be settled in a matter of seconds, instead of minutes or even hours. Stellar will even allow users to change their currencies on the fly, assuming they are legitimate and backed by a government, such as euros. Some corporations have even started to use Stellar already in tandem with developing payment systems with overseas banks.

Cryptocurrency has grown vastly since it was first introduced a few years ago, with billions of dollars in the market behind it. Jed McCaleb believes that crypto is the beginning of the future of all currency and as such everything else will follow into the digital era in the coming years. There are no specifics yet, but the blockchain technology that Stellar is promoting will transform the industry for the better and give the entire world a new form of currency to safely and quickly distribute globally. As the Chief Technology Officer, Jed McCaleb has played a big role in the development of the technology and its direction since first being founded in 2014. With various companies starting up that are working to connect digital currency around the world, it will not be long until the world is dealing with finances on an entirely different level.

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