Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner, Defies All Odds while Growing Up

The objective of most entrepreneurial networks is bringing together a broad spectrum of helpful professionals, resources and business models that complement each’s endeavors. At first, priority is to help successful entrepreneurial launches by providing motivation, the right direction and access to various opportunities in the market. Hussain Sajwani has used the mentioned strategies to elevate DAMAC Properties to a better market niche. Currently, the real estate property developer mushrooms in international markets thanks to Sajwani’s leadership skills.

Who is Sajwani?

Hussain Sajwani is probably one of the most admired business professionals in the industry of real estate. A dedicated leader, the DAMAC owner, has cemented his brand in the heart of some of the most influential men in the world with President Donald Trump being his closest associate as of now. He is the serving chief executive officer of DAMAC Properties and has used his strong entrepreneurial ties to market his company to international industries including the United States of America.

How Did Sajwani get to where he is?

Sajwani has an exciting story rather. For starters, he grew up in the Middle East. His father had a small shop in which, he stored stationery. Sajwani took advantage of the family business by learning how to manage the shop. As such, he learned how to handle clients at a tender age. In the company, he incorporated excellent customer care and managed to retain a considerable client base that benefited his father by fetching him more revenue. Although the family business treated him fairly and he would have inherited it in eventually, Sajwani was overly ambitious. He, therefore, pursued a course in medicine from a college in Baghdad.

Pursuing Business

Sajwani’s interests took a turn when he deferred from the school of medicine to seek greener pastures in America. He wanted a white-collar job that would allow him to work regular hours. As such, he landed a full education scholarship to the Washington University. He majored in engineering and economics. The disciplined his majored in propelled his career in business.

Hussain Sajwani’s present role in DAMAC Group

From school, Sajwani got a job at GASCO, an Abu Dhabi based gas and Oil Company. While there, he learned to maneuver into business and used the same knowledge to establish a sole proprietorship by starting a food catering business. Sajwani’s industry mushroomed into a state business that served international clients visiting Dubai. As such, he accumulated millions that enabled him to venture into real estate. DAMAC Properties is now a major success story that has grown Dubai’s real estate market into ad admired investment scheme.