Hussain Sajwan From Humble A Beginning To Riches

Born in 1954 in Dubai, Hussain Sajwan hailed from a humble background family. His father was a visionary and he took him to the best schools in the world in preparation for his son’s future. He did his undergraduate degree from Washington University where he majored in economics. He was a hard-working young man whose main goal was to complete his degree and concentrate on a white-collar job. After the completion of his degree in the United States, he went to Baghdad where he pursued a degree in medicine but unfortunately, he did not finish.

He later joined an ancillary of an Abu Dhabi based company oil company. In 1982, he decided to venture into his own hustle. He established a catering company. It is noted that his parents were entrepreneurs as well. His father owned a pen and watch shop while his mother used to buy fabric at wholesale price and sell them to her fellow ladies.

According to, as an ambitious young man, Hussain Sajwan saw the need to open more of his luxurious chain of hotels in Dubai. Due to the booming tourist business in Dubai, he started DAMAC properties. He is not only a founder but also the chairman of the organization as well. Currently, DAMAC properties have not only expanded its wings across the Middle East but also Europe as well.

The National mentioned that Hussain Sajwan’s ambition has seen him expand his territory wider by partnering with Donald Trump. Recently, the build a state of art golf courses in Dubai and there is a possibility of DAMAC working closely with the Trump Organization. More about this project can be seen on his Instagram account.

The biggest contributor to his success is his belief in being a family man. He married and has four children. He says that he would like his children to make in life more than he ever did. He believes that to make his children successful, he has to instill good values and education in them. That is exactly what he has done. Therefore, his children access the best education in the world. Furthermore, the mentorship that they receive from their father is what they need. Here’s an interview with Hussain Sajwani that you must read.

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