Focus on End Citizens United (ECU)

In support of Senator Klobuchar

When it comes to supporting congress members, End Citizens United focuses on driving the best amount of money from politics. One of the recent moves in achieving their mission has been through their endorsement of Senator Klobuchar for her re-election bid. End Citizens United’s president and executive director, Tiffany Muller, explains that the decision will not only see ECU make money out of politics but it will also help fix a fractured campaign finance system. The main reason for supporting her is that she maximizes every opportunity that arises to ensure reform system for all Americans. Further, she has worked to improve transparency in political spending for campaigns by co-sponsoring DISCLOSE Act.

The move in supporting Klobuchar will help her connect to ECU’s 60,000 members who are in Minnesota as well as activate 360,000 national donors who will combine resources to facilitate her early win. Some of the successful support by ECU is such as, Nevada’s Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto as well as New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan who are also champions in driving campaign reformist. Besides, ECU’s does not stop there since it hopes to raise $35 million from it grassroots based small-dollar donors who are in hundreds of thousands.

Raising more Donations

In their move to get Democrats elected to the house, ECU has collected more than $4 million in the first months of 2017 according to USA Today. The fundraising is part of its project of raising $35 million by 2018 congress midterm elections which will be a much better improvement as compared to $25 million the committee had in the first election cycle. 2017 has seen 40,000 new contributors and the overall goal of the committee is to see campaign-finance reform champions elected to congress. In this spirit, ECU has urged its supporters to raise $500,000 where one of the beneficiaries of the fundraising campaigns so far has been Jon Ossoff a 30-year old candidate in Georgia. Ossoff has further pulled a surprise by raising over $4 million for an April 18 special election meant to fill a vacant Republican House seat.

Despite its donation cap of not accepting more than $ 5,000 from a single donor, ECU managed to be in the top ranks in terms of elections spending for the Democratic-aligned groups in 2016. According to the committee’s’ spokesman, Adam Bozzi, ECU has joined hands with more than two dozen groups who collaborated in an effort to vote in Betsy DeVos for her nomination as the Education Secretary for President Donald Trump. Looking forward, it’s not set who the committee will be supporting but there’s an indication from Muller, that the group may play a critical role in defending Democratic Sens, Sherrod Brown and John Tester both from Ohio and Montana respectively in the next year.