Fabletics Uses Reverse Showrooming Method to Thrive in the Competitive Fashion E-Commerce Market

The fashion e-commerce market world is very competitive, and many new companies find it very hard to succeed. Some of the big giants in the industry such as Amazon already control twenty percent of the market, and this means that new companies make very little. Fabletics, however, has gone against all the odds, proving to the world that it can do well in the dominated market. The company was established three years ago, and it is already considered to be one of the most influential fashion businesses in the United States. The company is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars today, and it is headed by Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg.


Fabletics specializes in activewear, and it sells clothes to its clientele in different parts of the world using several strategies. All their strategies are straight forward, and they have won the hearts of many people in the world.


Reverse Showrooming


Reverse showrooming is one of the best marketing techniques in the world at the moment. With this simple strategy, the consumers are allowed to browse offline and then, later on, purchase the goods they need at a lower price, put in another store. This method has destroyed many companies in e-commerce, but it is working correctly for Fabletics and its founders. The company is changing its browsing experience into a positive venture.

The subscription technique helps the company to understand the local market, and this ensures that they stock what the consumer needs only. The pop-up stores are available to different cities, and this means that the individuals who cannot order online access their products. The products are given at very affordable prices in both the offline and online stores to keep the customers coming back for more.


Fabletics is one of the most powerful and successful fashion e-commerce companies in the world. Since it was founded several years ago by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, the fashion company has transformed the lives of many individuals who could not access quality clothing at low prices. The company allows its clients to subscribe to a monthly service where they get fashionable active wear every month. Once the customer does not need the clothes, they are authorized to unsubscribe. Fabletics has a large clientele at the moment because of the quality of its products. The marketing techniques in the organization have played a fundamental role in the success of the institution.

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