Fabletics Changes the Game for Atheisure Brands

In just 4 years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand has taken the athleisure market by storm, and with good reason. This company started with a unique mission and By partnering with Kate Hudson, the company quickly embodied that mission. Their inspiration was the lack of high quality fashionable athletic wear, and lack of variety for women’s lifestyles. This idea has grown quickly and colorful, stylish brands have popularized. What makes Fabletics stand out now in a sea of spandex? The customers. This company has dedicated itself to the feedback and empowerment of their customers. This unique hands-on business approach has brought massive success to the brand and it continues to grow.


Fabletics dedication to customer service is what makes them so different. Since 2013, they have had a laser-focus on their market and have analyzed feedback relentlessly. They’ve recognized that in the information technology age, consumers love and trust reviews and they have used this idea to their advantage. As reported in a recent Huffpost piece regarding this business 74% of customers stated they would move forward with the purchase process if they saw positive reviews on a landing or sales webpage. By leveraging this power with their marketing they are able to increase sales and customer retention. With the widespread availability of reviews and review platform, customers are more likely to trust highly reviewed brands, and trust translates to repeat business.


Actress Kate Hudson saw the potential for this company from the beginning, and has been hands-on every since. Their mission was to provide colorful, fashionable athletic wear that empowered women of every size to inspire their active and strong lifestyles. By focusing on body positivity and women’s health they have tapped into a market that was desperately seeking a fresh brand and style and have created a niche. While they were first met with opposition regarding the subscription based business plan, Fabletics used this feedback to improve their customer satisfaction team, and have produced a high quality product at a fraction of standard retail pricing. Kate Hudson is well known for her hands-on approach with the company’s performance, and her authentic attitude and transparency has created a household name brand that is trusted and loved.


The work Fabletics and Kate Hudson have done to make Fabletics stand out has been monumental. It embodies the shift in consumer power and information, and are using these transparent and informed consumer tactics to their advantage to create an incredible customer experience. That customer experience begins long before a purchase is even made, by tailoring an individual style to each user with the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. If you’re curious to see more of what makes Fabletics different, take the Lifestyle Quiz for yourself.