Enviromentally Responsible Travel with Wild Ark

Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean you should ignore being environmentally responsible while you do. With a few simple steps, your vacation can be both amazingly memorable as well as eco-conscious. The first step will be to choose your destination carefully. What is the impact on the local community you want to visit? Many travel companies offer destinations that keep environmental and local community impact in mind. How far will you need to travel, and what will be the lowest impact means of transportation to get there? If the destination requires plane travel, choosing an airline that offers higher occupancy and more efficient planes can greatly lower emissions.


Research the place you want to stay at. Look for accommodations that have recycling options, proper waste refuse systems and are energy efficient whenever possible. Better yet if they can offer energy sources such as solar or hydroelectric power, this will help offset your impact to the local ecosystem.


Do your part to be a responsible visitor. Take showers instead of baths to conserve water, and use natural, chemical free soaps to wash both yourself and your clothing and belongings. Cut down on your energy use by using lighting and air conditioning only when necessary and remembering to turn them off when you leave your room. Recycle what you can and properly dispose what you cannot. Choose eco-conscious travel options, walk or bike when possible or use public transportation if it’s an option. And finally, be conscious of what souvenirs you buy to bring home. Avoid any items made from endangered animals, such as hides, tusks, ivory or coral. Not only do these items have a very high negative environmental impact but are often illegal to transport as well.


Wild Ark’s passion for conservation expands the globe, working to secure global green belts areas in order to protect the ecosystems of these areas. By conserving the biodiversity and wildlife of these places, it enables people to research better options to reconnect with nature and also preserve these areas for future generations. By making conservation a part of our daily consciousness, Wild Ark aims to inspire us all to do our part to protect the world.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUo4EHg7ZWNPFEg3tjytCSg